Creative Solutions for Early-stage Start-upsJumpstarting Product Development on the Path to Success

  • Analysis

    We examine projects with a balanced perspective from all angles to identify the most critical aspects for focused development efforts.

  • Integration

    We provide a full-service package of cross-functional specialties at every stage to ensure a comprehensive and rigorous development process.

  • Collaboration

    We thrive in a synergistic environment and support clients with a team of experienced industry professionals and strategic partners.

Why Choose Crossroads Medical Technologies?

  • Custom-tailored value-added services.
  • Extensive experience in first generation and first-in-class devices.
  • Breadth and depth in a variety of clinical specialties.
  • Clinically-oriented product development focused on patient outcomes.
  • Support for fundraising activities.
  • Streamlined pathways to clinical studies.
  • Cost-effective project management.
  • Develop Devices

    with design engineers

    Every good idea deserves the best effort for development. We apply our diverse backgrounds towards the solutions best-suited for each project.

  • Move Forward

    with clinical research

    Clinical research must be designed for the technology at each stage. We have the broad experience to manage the clinical studies that will get you to your next milestone.

  • Stay Supported

    with complete services

    Medical technologies are considerable endeavours requiring adequate resources. We work with you at every step to provide a foundation that you can depend on.

  • Go Virtual

    with flexible options

    Ideas and resources hail from around the globe. We provide options to conduct business and operations in a variety of locations and configurations.

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